Hi - I'm getting a regular but intermittent error when viewing any iBox Channels on my iPad Air. (The error hasn't occurred on any of my Android Devices when I've been testing so far)

Its OS is iOS 7.1.1 (11D201)

Its model Number is ME989B/A

The symptom is that whenever I'm viewing any channel via the Safari Web Browser (There's no app like there is for Android so I have to use this method), after a certain period of time (It could be 5 or 10 mins or it could be 25 mins - appears to be slightly random but does happen at least a couple of times during any hour), the playback stops, a dialog error appears in a Window saying' Could Not Load Film'.

I just have to go back into channel list, re-select the channel & start the stream again & it'll work away fine until the next error.

My underlying BroadBand Connection is perfect / rock solid (I'm on UPC 200Mb Down/10Mb Up) . I've no problems with using the iPad Air with Netflix, SkyGo, RTE Player etc..

Hope someone from your tech team can help with this please as with this issue, the service isn't reliable for use on my iPad Air etc..



Hi Trev,

We're still investigating this issue and will update shortly.


Hi Trev,

Can you tell us when you last got the error messages, it would help our investigations. Thanks.
Thanks for letting me know you're looking into this issue.

I didn't note the exact time its been happening, but its everyday I try use it.

Typically at present - its after work in the evenings trying to watch the World Cup matches on RTE2.

Yesterday it would have happened between 8pm-9pm approx

I'll make a note this evening of the exact times & post back here for you with that more specific information as soon as I have it.

Please bear with me - I appreciate you need my info in order to help you, so I do intend to get back with that info either late this evening or tomorrow.

Hope that's ok please.

Don't hesitate to ask me to do anything for you if you need me to do any sort of testing on the iPad etc..


Ok I started the RTE2 Stream at 6:04pm this evening.

I got the first error message at 6:25pm

I went back to the channel list, reselected RTE2, pressed play & the stream started again.

I got the next error message at 6:40pm.

Restarted again.

Got the next error message at 6:55pm.


Got the next error message at 7:11pm

So this evening it appears to be a fairly consistent error every 15 mins

I tried again later in the evening between approx 8:30pm& 9:10pm & it was the same type of situation with the error appearing every 15 mins.

Hope this helps
Yes, many thanks Trev, we appreciate your help and will get back to you on this.

Can you try Sky News and see if you get the same issue?
Very sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I hadn't checked these forums in the last week so I just saw your request for me to test Sky News when I checked the forum this evening.

I ran that test this evening at 10:01pm & the same problem occurred.

I walked away from the iPad after starting the Sky News stream, & came back to check at about 10:20pm & the error had occurred by that stage.
There was an update earlier in the day to the iPad iOS version.

I updated & was running 7.1.2 before I ran the test with Sky News.

So this issue is happening for sure on iOS versions 7.1.1 & 7.1.2 etc..
Hi Tech Support Team.

I was wondering if there was any solution actively being worked on or coming soon as I have not been able to use your service on my iPad since re-subscribing (& I primarily use my iPad as my media consumption device at present).

If its unlikely there will be a solution soon (within the next week or so), I'll have to cancel my subscription, go back to my previous provider & try iBox again at some point in the future to see if the issue has been fixed.

Just letting you know out of courtesy that I'll probably need to cancel my subscription soon if there is no fix coming, as I do appreciate that you have been looking at this issue & don't want you to see me just cancelling without thanking you for your efforts so far.

Please let me know the current status (either good or bad) & I'll make my decision about cancelling my service - but I will be forced to cancel in about a week if I have no updates.

Hope that's ok & understandable please.


I'd like to request with immediate effect that my recurring monthly iBox subscription is cancelled please.

If there is anything else I need to do in order to facilitate the immediate termination of my monthly iBox subscription, please let me know.

Sorry I can't stay with iBox at this time but the service does not work properly with my iPad Air.

I may try again at some point in the future.


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