So since other people asked about the Apple TV app and the issues people are experiencing I said I would. I’m getting kicked out of the Apple TV app. The odd time it will open but more often than not it opens then closes after 2 seconds.

I’m not really here to describe in full what’s already been described by others. I’m here to ask when ye are going to fix it ? It’s not the first time it’s been said to ye about the issue and still no movement in yer part to resolve what people pay good money for. Or is the situation ye just expect us to watch it on a 8 or 7 inch screen or if I want I can fork out more money and buy an iPad as well. Or shall we buy another app and just pay ye for the sub par service. Ye offer and advertise multiple ways to watch but only a couple seem to work somewhat efficiently. The more important ways which is on a tele because hey this is television after all doesn’t work.

So fix it. Recompile the Apple TV app or just go onto code canyon pay a few euro and buy an off the shelf one that will actually work and brand it and be done with it
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