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Existing customer and have been happily using Ibox Max 10 euro PM for last 2 years on my apple TV without any issues.

First question:

Now upgrading TV to OLED android operating system set (Sony LG Samsung etc) and it has Netflix app on board in UHD which I will also avoid multiple sources i want to install Ibox app onto the TV directly can this be done? no luck locating the app in the android store when testing the TVs in shop?

Surely it just a case of having it approved/available to install on that version of Android which is on the TV or am i missing something perhaps TV is locking available apps, can/will Ibox get approval?

Waiting before buying a TV to see if it can be done otherwise I will just wait on the apple TV 4K version hopefully arriving this year to run Ibox and UHD netflix through and ignore set OS.

Second question (already emailed this to ibox months ago but no answer)

Please advise how many devices I can use Ibox app on simultaneously?

I have the Ibox max account and if i want to watch one channel on my iPhone and my wife wants to watch another on the apple TV it logs off the apple TV.

Is there a max devices or max stream rule?

I have it installed on my iphone my ipad and apple tv and on her iphone currently but we only ever watch 2 devices at same time is this possible or not?

Hi there,

We'll come back to you on your first question but on your second question you can view iBox on two devices at the one time, you just need to add an extra device to your account for an additional 5 euro per month.
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An extra 5 euro means your now the same cost as now TV at 15 euro per month including multi user.

Please pm me if there is anything you can do on cost of second user I was hoping in max account second user was free?
Hi again,

Our current position on Smart TVs is as follows:  . If your chosen TV allows sideloading, you could try that.

We may support Smart TV platforms in the future, but we don’t currently have a timeline for that.
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