So the last two days approx, opening the ibox app on Apple TV would crash it before it actually opens fully. I deleted the app and got it again, this time it would work until you login then again it crashes out. Presume this is due to a faulty update. Can you fix this please, login causes the app to crash
Two weeks later, there is no reply to this post. The iBox app on both iPhone and Apple TV is not working. iBox is continuing to bill us. There is no service and they are still taking our money. If you try to talk to them on this forum or by email there is zero response. Shame on you iBox
Hi Toddunctious,

We sent a PM requesting your ID so we could investigate your issue but did not receive a reply. Please email your ID to and we can investigate. If you have been experiencing service issues there is no problem in refunding payments.
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