Hi, am using ibox on the new Apple TV and love it. I'm paying the maximum package and consider it good value but have a few questions.

1. A lot of the channels, rte1 for example don't fill the entire screen, why is this? Will it be fixed?

2. Are there any plans to bring us ANY HD channels? As far as I can see only rte2 is HD.

3. Are there any plans to give Dolby digital sound?

4. Tv3 hasn't worked in about a week, will this be fixed?

5. Can there be a fix for the very annoying issue of when you're watching a programme and then back out of it to the channel screen, that channel is t highlighted anymore, it just skips to a random Channel instead that's highlighted, every time.

6. Lastly, favourites that I've selected in my account are not replicated on the Apple TV version.

Many thanks

Right after I sent above message I logged out on the Apple TV to see if this would refresh my favourites, but now it won't me let me log in at all leaving me with no service at all. Please help asap, thanks. Error message was "something went wrong, please try again".
Hi Flash,

To answer your questions:

1. The channels should be filling the screen, except on occasions some broadcasters will show old movies that are in a different resolution.
You find this often on TG4 where its an old black and white movie and the video won't fill the whole of the screen. Can you check your TV screen and Apple TV is set to 16:9 resolution.

2. We don't actually have any HD broadcasting channels at the moment but these are part of our future iBox development plans

3. There are no current plans for Dolby sound. Most source channels don't actually provide it.

4. TV3 had changed their broadcasting frequencies, we have now retuned them to a new frequencies.

5. This is a new issue we are aware of and hope to have fixed in the next release of the app.

6. Favorites are device specific and not replicated on multiple devices. In a future release we may look at storing them in the cloud and syncing them across a number of devices.

The Apple TV app is being constantly updated, please check periodically for updates so you do have the latest version.

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