The Logitech revue box I bought from you won't update any apps on the google play. Error messages is rpc:s-7 :aec-7 hjna-uswj-qskee

Please can you help cause we can't use the box apps without updating it! Even chrome is an old version and it has expired Certs and won't update!


Hi Cillian,

We'll investigate now and revert later today.


The box is still not working and am
Searching the web to find solutions

Have now gone to factory reset to see if it works but am very disappointed.

Box is really very very slow, and lots of sites saying it's completely out of date

We sent you an email there Cillian.
The email is that I have to send the Ibox back because I cleared the updates you made before the very delayed dispatch.

This box is not fit for purpose. It's very very slow (although somewhat faster (still slow) when you updates are removed)

It won't allow any apps to be updated. Google says its out of date. The browser has trouble connecting cause it keeps having cert issues because the version of chrome is so old and can't be updated

The app from android does not support fwd and rwd I guessing because it won't support the latest version of the app

Your emails to fix the issues I sent are vague and don't work and now your solution is for me to send the box back to you while you update it - so I continue not to have the service but have to keep paying.

After the reset it seemed to work okay but has now stopped completely. The box appears to be licenced for US only won't allow location outside USA.

Now have no TV and you have no contact numbers.

Please can you call me (have pm'ed my number) to fix this??
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